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Homelessness Week 2020

Homelessness week gives us the opportunity to think about what having a home means to those of us who have them and to consider what it might be like for those who don’t. This week also provides an opportunity for those who are concerned about the numbers of people experiencing homelessness in Victoria to take action.

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New Homelessness Guidelines - 6th May 2020

On 6th May, DHHS released the updated version of the Guidelines for funded homelessness service providers related to COVID-19 . These include the introduction of a coordinated local response to people currently housed in emergency accommodation.

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COVID19 - Isolation and Recovery Facilities (CIRF’s) for people experiencing homelessness

Four COVID19- Isolation and Recovery Facilities (CIRF’s) across inner Melbourne have been established to provide temporary accommodation with support for people experiencing homelessness who test positive for COVID-19, are unwell and awaiting test results or people that require an additional recovery period from the virus.

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Safe places for the homeless to recover and isolate - 10.4.20

Minister of Housing - media release - 10.4.20

The Victorian Government will use repurposed aged-care sites to provide self-isolation facilities for Victorians experiencing homelessness – helping them recover from coronavirus, or avoid infection in the first place.

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New measures to implement a ban on evictions and support renters - 15.4.20

CHP e-news explains

On the 15th April, the Premier announced a set of new  measures to provide certainty around the ban on evictions, announced by the Prime Minister on 29 March, and just prior to Easter two new announcements were made to increase accommodation options for people experiencing homelessness during the crisis.

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COVID-19 and You: Mental Health in Australia Now

There is an urgent need to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of all Australians.

If you are living in Australia and are over 18yo, please use the link below to find out more and complete the 15-minute survey

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Covid-19 Plan for the Community Sector

The COVID-19 Plan for the Victorian Community Services Sector  was updated on 30th April 2020. The plan provides guidance to the community services sector during a Pandemic Response.

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EHN Practitioner Meetings 2020

The EHN Practitioner Meeting provides a great opportunity for practitioners and allied services to come together to share information and ideas and to enhance your professional networks.

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Specialist Homelessness Sector (SHS) Transition Plan

The plan was developed by government funding provided to the Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) through DHSS and guided by an Executive Advisory Group (EAG), and leaders from across both the SHS and DHHS. The content of the plan reflects the input of consultations held with the SHS and others around the state in late 2017.

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My Health Record – Australians to decide on a smarter and safer way to share their important healthcare information

A My Health Record will be created for every Australian, unless they choose not to have one.

If people choose not to have a My Health Record, they will be able to opt out before 31 January 2019. (EXTENDED)

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Do you know the difference between Social, Community, Public, Aboriginal and Affordable housing?

Do you know the difference between Social, Community, Public, Aboriginal and Affordable housing? #everybodyshome have created a breakdown for you.

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100,000 Homes - The movement for housing security for all Australians

A campaign to build 100,000 new, desperately needed affordable homes in order to alleviate the homelessness and housing crisis in Australia  

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