Bringing Up Great Kids

Bringing up Great Kids is a Parenting Program using mindfulness and reflection to support parents as they review and enhance their patterns of communication with their children. The program is for parents/carers of children aged between 0-10yrs.

Time: Terms 1 & 3. BUGK can also be run in collaboration with our agency/service. 

Would you like to understand why your child behaves the way they do?
Are you interested in knowing more about why you parent the way you do?
Would you like to explore how to enhance your parenting and relationship with your child? 

The BUGK Program supports parents as they explore what influences their parenting practices, and the messages they’re passing onto their children.

The program aims to work with parents as they establish a new relationship context with their children.

For more information or to register, please contact Sandra Fawcett on 9871 1802 or Sue Kerchhoff on 9856 1500

BUGK-flyer-term-3-2018-EACH-and-Doncare-August-2018.pdf BUGK-flyer-term-3-2018-EACH-and-Doncare-August-2018.pdf (309kB)