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Homelessness affects Children and Parenting

Homelessness affects Children and Parenting

Despite popular belief, children are one of the largest groups of Australians experiencing homelessness. In fact, children under the age of 18 make up 27% of people experiencing homelessness (ABS, 2012). In 2015-16, approximately 4,000 people presented to a homelessness service in the eastern region with one or more children.

Homelessness can affect children in different ways. Children don’t necessarily see homelessness as whether they have a house, but rather the level of connectedness to family, the presence or absence of fear and feelings of instability and insecurity. (Keys. C, 2009, Children and Homelessness: literature review)

Statewide Children’s Resource Program (CRP)

The Statewide Children’s Resource Program (SCRP) advocates for and assists practitioners in homelessness support and other non-government services to respond more effectively to the needs of children who have experienced homelessness and/or family violence.  

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Regional CRP Representatives

Each region across the state of Victoria has a Children's Resource Program Respresentative who offers flexible and tailored support to agencies. This includes regional information; training; support and resources; and promoting best practice to those working with children in homelessness and support services. They also administer the Children's Brokerage Funds.

Sector News

Discover ---- Share ----- Grow

With homelessness at crisis levels, how will we shape a future without it? Join us to share, discover and learn over two jam-packed days at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in 14th & 15th October.  

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RINGWOOD - Tuesday 25th June 2019

This dynamic one-day workshop for professionals introduces the key concepts of the refugee settlement journey, cultural influences, complex stressors, and the factors that impact on the capacity of refugee families to find and sustain suitable housing in Australia. 

This is the Eastern Metropolitan Regions Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) funded training. Specialist Homelessness Services staff working within this region will have priority when booking.

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Upcoming Events

  • Thu 10-Oct-19 9:30am-11:30am (2 Hrs)

    Staff from Opening Doors, Women’s Refuges, Family Violence Support agencies, Family Support Services, Police FV Liaison and other agencies who work with families experiencing homelessness and family violence are invited to attend.

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workers toolkit

Client Supports and Activities

Fearful and anxious behaviour is common in young children, especially as they come across new situations and experiences.

Most children learn to cope with different fears and worries; however, some children react more quickly or intensely to situations they find threatening and find it hard to get their anxious feelings under control.

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Research and Reports

This article focuses on the remarkable story of a deeply disorganized child, Rachel, and her experience in foster care with Janet and Paul Mann, founders of the Children’s Ark.

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Practitioner Resources

Emerging Minds have developed this toolkit that draws from the expertise of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consultants, practitioners, non-Aboriginal practitioners and Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisations. Rather than focusing on why it is difficult to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, their families and communities, it will explore how non-Aboriginal practitioners and services can develop genuine connections with Aboriginal people and communities to create the best conditions for effective service delivery; services based on respect, learning and creating shared understandings.

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