Homeless - Children’s Brokerage Support Project


The experience of homelessness can have a significant impact on a child’s education; physical, emotional and mental health; and their sense of connectedness to their peers and the broader community.

Children issues can be compounded by a lack of access to education, health, and support, social and recreational opportunities within the community. The Homeless Children’s Brokerage Support Project has been established to enhance opportunities for children experiencing homelessness to:

  • Engage and maintain their education (including early education services such as childcare and kindergarten).

  • Reduce social isolation by enhancing access to a range of support, social and recreational opportunities within their community. 

  • Provide social and emotional growth opportunities for children and provide opportunities to increase relational bonds between parents/carers and children. 

The Homeless Children’s Brokerage Support Project also aims to provide further encouragement to homelessness support providers to integrate child focused assessment and case planning into their work practice.

Please read the brokerage guidelines and contact Susie for an application form.

We know this money has made a very positive difference to the inclusion of vulnerable children in education and in their community.  We invite you to read the latest report 

As well as the brokerage, please continue to use the Childrens Resource Representative as a resource for children in the Eastern Region. Group work continues and we are always open for referrals.

Susie Lukis susie.lukis@vt.uniting.org  or 03) 8870 4042 or mobile 0423 022 883


Homeless-Childrens-Brokerage-Brochure.pdf Homeless-Childrens-Brokerage-Brochure.pdf (122kB)