Young People

Young People and Homelessness

Young People and Homelessness

The latest ABS data counted 28, 000 young Australians (12-24yr old) as homeless on Census night in 2016.  In most instances, they do not have a home because they are escaping conflict and violence. Previous research found that 70% of young people who became homeless left home to escape family violence, child abuse or family breakdown (Rosenthal, 2006).

National Youth Coalition for Housing (NYCH) states that young people at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness need access to supportive and well-resourced services which work with them in establishing foundations on which they can build a stable future. These services can be tasked with the provision of ensuring health and wellbeing, safety and stability, re-engagement and participation with education and employment services.


Youth Specific EHN Practitioner Meetings

Twice a year the practitioner meetings have a youth focus. This provides a great opportunity for practitioners and allied services to come together to share information and ideas and to enhance your professional networks.
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Sector News

Homelessness week gives us the opportunity to think about what having a home means to those of us who have them and to consider what it might be like for those who don’t. This week also provides an opportunity for those who are concerned about the numbers of people experiencing homelessness in Victoria to take action.

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Full day online training open to those working within the homelessness sector in the Inner and Outer East of Melbourne. 

Presented by MOAT Mental Health Services, in partnership with the Eastern Homelessness Network (EHN), this single-day course is for any staff member working directly, or indirectly with clients experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

The workplace can be a highly stressful environment; our clients stories can be difficult to hear.

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Client Supports and Activities

EACH’s Integrated Therapeutic Community (ITC) runs customisable term based programs for participants aged 16-25 years across 19 beds, 10 in Box Hill South and 9 Wantirna South.

These interactive group programs provide a space where young people can engage in supportive environments whilst exploring proactive ways to manage their mental health and develop independent living skills.

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Research and Reports

Children’s Emotional Development Is Built into the Architecture of Their Brains is an article written by National Scientific Council on the developing child. 

A growing body of scientific evidence tells us that emotional development begins early in life, that it is a critical aspect of the development of overall brain architecture, and that it has enormous consequences over the course of a lifetime. These findings have far-reaching implications for policymakers and parents, and, therefore, demand our attention.

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Practitioner Resources

This guide details referral pathways for Homelessness Emergency Accommodation Response Team (HEART) clients to localised Mental Health and Alcohol & Other Drugs support services in the Eastern Region.

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