The Statewide Childrens Resource Program

The State-wide Children’s Resource Program (SCRP) advocates for and assists practitioners in homelessness support and other non-government services to respond more effectively to the needs of children who have experienced homelessness and/or family violence.  

Our Philosophy

The Children's Resource Program advocate on  behalf of children and young people in the homelessness and family violence sectors. We uphold the rights of children as stated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

All children: 

  • Require a  safe, secure and nurturing environment to promote positive childhood experiences.
  • Aboriginal children are connected to culture and community
  • Require access to appropriate shelter to promote a caring environment to nurture physical and emotional growth. 
  • Should have access to quality, affordable education.
  • Children should be encouraged to dream about their futures by being creative and having a sense of belonging within family and community.

Homelessness and family violence may impact on children by: 

  • Significant impact on a child's cognitive, social, physical, emotional and psychological development.
  • Disrupted attachments to caregivers and a distorted sense of self.
  • A sense of not being connected to their peers and the broader community.
  • Inability to engage with and maintain education (including early education services such as childcare and kindergarten).


CRP Resources

More resources can be found on the Statewide CRP website or in their  Practitioners Toolkit 


Inner and Outer East - Annual Report 
Victorian Statewide Children’s Resource Program Yearly Report - information and data from across the state, regarding brokerage and activities.

Regional CRP Coordinators

Each region across the state of Victoria has a Children's Resource Program Coordinators who offers flexible and tailored support to agencies. This includes regional information; training; support and resources; and promoting best practice to those working with children in homelessness and support services. 

They also administer the Children's Brokerage Funds and facilitate Children's Network meetings

Eastern Coordinator - Susie Lukis

If you would like flyers/information added to this site or further information about resources, please contact the Children’s Resource Program on 8870 4042 or email

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