Children's Activity Booklet - Through my eyes

Children's Activity Booklet - Through my eyes

A core function of the Statewide Children’s Resource Program is to develop resources for children who are experiencing homelessness and family violence.

This booklet aims to provide children with helpful information and options for them to express their feelings and emotions. The booklet has been designed, illustrated, and prepared to be available for agencies as a PDF to print for each child accessing your service and engaging with support. It is hoped that this will encourage meaningful conversation, healing and fun for all ages. (This is not designed for children when the family is not engaged with a support service).

This document can be printed in A3 or A4. Please set the printer to ‘Portrait’ and ‘flip on short edge’.

If you require any assistance with printing (excluding costs) please feel free to contact 

Through-my-eyes-Activity-Booklet.pdf Through-my-eyes-Activity-Booklet.pdf (1MB)