Buried in Treasures - Inner East

Buried in Treasures - Inner East

The Salvation Army Homelessness East and MIND Australia are very pleased to announce the recommencement of Buried In Treasures - a 16 week support group program which seeks to address challenges with clutter, and to learn new ways of thinking about their possessions.

They are currently accepting referrals for potential participants who are residing in the Inner-Eastern Metropolitan Region. This includes the LGAs of Boroondara, Manningham, Monash and Whitehorse. Referrals from outside of these LGAs will be considered, depending on availability within the program.

 Program Details:

  • Buried in Treasures is a free 16-week group program, providing in-depth information and support for people who are challenged with clutter, urges to over-acquire and difficulties managing their possessions.
  • Facilitated by qualified case managers, clients will learn practical skills to overcome clutter in a small group setting of up to 10 who share similar experiences.
  • The program is based on the successful self-help book Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding, written by Dr Randy Frost and Dr David Tolin who are among the world’s leading experts in the study and treatment of hoarding disorder.  

 Objectives of the program:

  •  Understanding why people collect and have difficulty discarding items in their homes.
  • To inspire motivation and confidence to get started with organising clutter.
  • To impart practical skills and strategies for deciding which items to save, and resisting the temptation to collect more.
  • Meet others who truly understand your experience in a supportive and respectful environment.
  • Support to overcome feelings of anxiety and/or depression in relation to these challenges.


When, Where and How?

  • This program is set to start in March 2023, and will be facilitated online.
  • Please contact Natalie and/or Jenny (contact details below) for referral form and further details.

 Further Details: