Calm Toddlers, Happy Parents

Have you ever wondered why your toddler doesn’t seem to listen to you, even after repeat yourself a thousand times? Or why they refuse to share their toys, take turns or be reasonable? The simple answer is, a toddlers brain is still under construction and as much as we want our toddlers to understand they simply can not see the world the same as adults do.

In this parenting session, we will discuss some of the underlying reasons why challenging toddler behaviour occurs and explore respectful ways to set clear limits while maintaining a loving connection, which in turn will result in day to day life becoming calmer and happier for the whole family.

Tuesday 7th May, 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Chirnside Park Community Hub, 33 Kimberley Drive, Chirnside Park

PRINT-VERSION-A5-Poster-Calm-Toddlers-Happy-Parents.pdf PRINT-VERSION-A5-Poster-Calm-Toddlers-Happy-Parents.pdf (823kB)