Get together - a guide to what's on at Community Houses across the outer east

A brochure listing over 200 activities, programs, groups and events conducted at the 30 community houses across the Outer East of Melbourne.  A great way of letting people know about the amazing range of programs that are available to the community, including support activites and food services.

Also, Community Houses Association of the Outer-eastern Suburbs (CHAOS), have created a list of the Neighbourhood House Week Moveable Feast being hosted to celebrate Neighbourhood House Week 2019. 10th - 18th May.

These meals are an invitation for members of the community to learn more about Neighbourhood Houses while getting to know more people in their community.

CHAOS-Get-Together-Brochure_LR_R2.pdf CHAOS-Get-Together-Brochure_LR_R2.pdf (2MB)