Level Playground


Level Playground is a project for parents, caregivers and early childhood educators that provides helpful information and activities to support them in the day to day work of raising children free from gender stereotypes. 

Level Playground is a website that is a collection of all resources that are not limited by gender. Ideas can be found for the following topics of learn, play and read. Some of the things that you will find on the website include; booklists, gender audit tools and a variety of play ideas plus much more. 

Level Playground also uses social media platforms to provide messages and resources on play ideas and activities, stories to read and gift giving ideas that help to breakdown some of the limitations that rigid gender stereotypes can place on children’s development.

To date, we have had a positive response to the resource.

Parents say that the social media platforms provide fresh ideas around the areas of playing, reading and learning.

Early childhood educators say that it’s handy for all of the resources being available in the one spot. 

We are looking forward to expanding the resource in 2019.

For further information, email contact@levelplayground.org.au

Level-Playground-flyer.pdf Level-Playground-flyer.pdf (351kB)