Modern Day Dads

Modern Day Dads

Parenting roles & responsibility have changed over time, enabling Dad's to have a more hands on approach.

In this free Dad's only interactive workshop, presented by Darren Varley from Father Friendly and Driving Dad’s, we will explore what it is like to be a modern day Dad/older Dad/first time Dad/Step Dad/working Dad/Stay-at-home Dad/just plain loving Dad. Through the workshop dads/carers will reflect on:

  • Supporting your child’s development and play
  • Tools to further connect with your child
  • Talking, sharing and developing trust
  • Partnership of parenting
  • Services, supports and social connections for dads and male carers.

*For Dads and male carers of children aged 0-8 years, however information can be suitable for carers of older children.

Please note that children cannot be accommodated for during these workshops.

Date: Wednesday 16th November and Wednesday 30th November 2022

This workshop runs over 2 sessions. Participants are encouraged to attend both sessions to get the most out of the workshop. 

Time: 7pm-9pm

Location: Japara Neighbourhood House, 54-58 Durham Rd, Kilsyth


Dads-Den-Modern-Day-Parenting-Workshop-NEW-DATES.png Dads-Den-Modern-Day-Parenting-Workshop-NEW-DATES.png (314kB)