Paws for thought


There will be a drop in group starting on Thursdays run by me Billie the Therapy Dog! Paws for Thought aims to engage clients who may not be ready for one-one-one appointments but need a soft introduction to headspace Knox. We all know I am a great tool for engaging young people and I also make them feel calm and happy. It will allow opportunity for young people to socialize with each other and chat informally about what they may be on their minds with some supporting headspace humans.

Young people can drop in at any point and don’t need to let me know they are coming.

Any questions chat to Sharon or Chenai (03) 9801 6088, any pats or belly scratches come see me directly J

Furry Fuzzy Regards

Billie Elliot

Therapy Dog

Paws-for-thought.pdf Paws-for-thought.pdf (305kB)