Pet care

Pets in the Park 

Pets in the Park is a national charity providing access to free preventative health care programs that assist people experiencing homelessness care for their pets. Pets in the Park runs free companion pet health clinics on a monthly basis. At these clinics volunteers provide health checks, vaccinations, flea treatment, worming treatment and basic medication for pets owned by people experiencing homelessness.

To access these services please provide a referral letter from your case worker. Alternatively contact the Pets in the Park team to discuss eligibility.

Pets of the Homeless 

Pets of the Homeless provide pet food, pet suplies, veterinary care and emergency boarding  to the pets of people currently experiencing or at risk of homelessness. To access our veterinary care and emergency boarding service, Pets of the Homeless require ta letter from a case worker. Please contact Pets of the Homeless for more information at

Community partners distributing pet food and supplies on behalf of Pets of the Homeless.