Positive Parenting Telephone Service

This free telephone support service is designed to support grandparents caring for grandchildren, fathers and rural families.
Positive Parenting Telephone Service will assist parents and carers to develop the skills to 

  • build better relationships with your children
  • encourage the behaviours you would like to see from your children
  • teach children to think before they act and to keep busy without constant adult attention
  • teach your children new skills, to solve problems for themselves, and know when to ask for help 
  • set family rules that are realistic and followed

Parents and carers will be supported by weekly telephone calls over 6-10 weeks and there is an online support option.

Positive_parenting_brochure_statewide_online_V1_04102016.pdf Positive_parenting_brochure_statewide_online_V1_04102016.pdf (266kB)