The Goodlife Farm

Lesley Porter founded The Goodlife Farm to help young people who’ve suffered the kind of abuse and neglect that scarred her own childhood.

She does this in an extraordinary way – putting troubled lives back on track by forging strong bonds with animals and nature.

The Goodlife Farm is a 10 week therapeutic group program for young people aged 10-15 years. This therapeutic group program caters for young people from a diverse range of backgrounds; from minor challenges to complex needs.

The program provides an interactive, hands-on farm experience designed to build coping skills, resilience, mastery and self-esteem. Participants are supported to engage in a wide range of farm based activities including cooking and diet, building and construction, gardening, animal care, general farm maintenance, relaxation/ self-care and team work. 


Goodlife-Farm-Referral-Form-Term-3-2017.pdf Goodlife-Farm-Referral-Form-Term-3-2017.pdf (412kB)