100,000 Homes - The movement for housing security for all Australians


Everybody deserves a home

Australia has a housing crisis. Keeping a roof over your head has never been harder.

Every night this crisis makes more people homeless. Thousands more struggle on the knife-edge, going without to pay more than they can afford in rent.

The great Australian dream of having a place to call home is slipping away.

Something needs to be done

Rents and house prices keep rising faster than incomes, fueled by $12 billion a year in Government tax breaks for investors that only make prices rise faster.

200,000 people are on public and community housing wait lists, but programs to deliver rental housing to low-income earners have been cut.

It’s time for a new direction in housing policy that puts people first.

Housing affordability can be achieved. We need to end the housing crisis.

This campaign is about seeing real solutions to Australia’s biggest social and economic problem, the housing crisis.

We want to see everyone in Australia able to afford a place to call home.

Australian housing policy needs to change. Australians are ready for change.

In fact, we’re calling out for it. This campaign is about adding your voice to the call for change, and letting the Treasurer know; housing is for people first.

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