Get your origami on! Houses at Parliament is back in July 2024

The VHN Houses at Parliament campaign is back in 2024, aiming to fold 60,000 origami houses for display in homelessness and allied organisations throughout Homelessness Week, with 6,000 origami houses covering the steps of Victoria's Parliament House at a key event on 31 July. This Campaign raises awareness of Victoria's urgent need for 60,000 additional social homes. 

Homelessness services across Victoria would love you/your agencies to help us fold 60,000 origami houses and then to display the houses you have folded through Homelessness Week (5th – 11th August).                    

We know that so many people in our community are struggling as a result of the housing crisis. This year it's not just homelessness organisations who can get involved - there's also a Schools Kit and a Campaign Kit so your entire community can join in. For more information about how to get involved, including lots of useful resources (even origami folding instructions!), head over to the Victorian Homelessness Network's website

You are welcome to add to the tally, which is recording how close we are getting to folding 60,000 houses across the State, you can buy merchandise through a Redbubble store (HEHmerch Shop | Redbubble) and you can view the livestream of the event at Parliament from 1.15 – 3pm on 31st July (