Specialist Homelessness Sector (SHS) Transition Plan


The plan was developed by government funding provided to the Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) through DHSS and guided by an Executive Advisory Group (EAG), and leaders from across both the SHS and DHHS. The content of the plan reflects the input of consultations held with the SHS and others around the state in late 2017.


A message from CHP 

We have built a strong and vibrant homelessness sector in Victoria, and the SHS will use this foundation to implement the SHS Transition Plan over the next four years (2018-2022). The Plan is intended to leverage the current good practice occurring across the SHS and to address the challenges identified, in a strategic and systematic way.

We need a plan for the future because of increasing demand we are seeing for our services. There are also rapid social, political, economic and technological changes occurring which impact on how we support vulnerable groups. Governments are increasingly looking for new ways to improve services and outcomes.

The Plan identifies 15 goals for the sector to be supported to work towards over time. Broadly these goals describe how the sector can embed person-centred and place-based responses, build service capacity to deliver the contemporary suite of services to gain and sustain housing, and to facilitate optimal use of emerging technologies. This SHS Transition Plan is intended to provide a roadmap for the future development of the capacity of our sector.

More information

Specialist-Homelessness-Sector-Transition-Plan-2018-2022-1.pdf Specialist-Homelessness-Sector-Transition-Plan-2018-2022-1.pdf (5MB)