A message from the Children's Resource Program - during COVID-19

During this time of isolation, learning from home, the closure of many social supports and the changes in face to face support for clients, families already under stress may be finding this time much more difficult.

Many parents are challenged by the new conditions and how best to support their families. Many practitioners are challenged by how to engage with families and children in this new environment. If practitioners would like support with this, or information for their families, I am still available by email, phone or zoom for consultation by individual practitioners and/or agencies. If you would like information about education, resources and ways to engage with children and families, please let me know.

There is still brokerage money available for children within eligible families as well.

The Children’s Network Meeting will still go ahead at the same time and date as scheduled, Thursday 11th June, 9.30-11.30, via zoom.

Susie Lukis susie.lukis@vt.uniting.org