Choosing Positive Paths-Parenting children who have experienced family violence

Choosing Positive Paths is a resource kit offering information to mothers, other protective parents and/or carers on what to expect from and how to respond to children, at all ages and stages, who have experienced family violence. Most family violence is directed towards women, and three-quarters of women who experience family violence are caring for children, so the language is directed towards mothers. However, this information is helpful for all primary carers – fathers, grandparents, aunts, family friends, foster parents. This is also a useful resource for professionals who work with families, such as social workers, counsellors, doctors, teachers, lawyers or child protection workers.

This resource kit is downloadable, at no cost and has lots of great informatin for both practitioners and parent around the needs of children and supporting them after family violence.

To download the kit, visit their website at Womens Health West