Family Methamphetamine First Aid program

Presented by Uniting Care ReGen, The Family Methamphetamine First Aid program has been designed specifically for family members concerned or affected by a loved one’s use of methamphetamine (Ice). This program has been developed collaboratively with people who have a lived experience of the impacts of methamphetamine use on individual and family members’ wellbeing. 

The FREE, 2.5 hour program provides essential information and practical strategies to support all members of affected families.

The program includes discussion of the impact methamphetamine can have on mental health and how family members can respond to this.

Program topics include:

  • Short and long-term effects of methamphetamine use on physical and mental health;
  • The possible impacts methamphetamine use on loved ones’ behaviour, relationships and general wellbeing;
  • Supporting/managing a loved one while they are intoxicated or during early methamphetamine withdrawal (‘the crash’);
  • Looking after yourself (boundaries, guilt, worry, communication and support services for families).

To enquire about the program, contact ReGen’s Education and Training Team on (03) 9386 2876.