FAN - The Private Rental Brokerage Program (PRBP)

Family Access Network in conjunction with Anchor coordinate the Private Rental Brokerage Program, assisting young people who are ready to live independently in a share-house or private tenancy.

To be eligible for the PRBP clients should be:

-16 to 25 years old

-Actively engaged with an ongoing case manager

-Experiencing or at risk of homelessness

-Financially secure and able to sustain a private rental tenancy

-Ready for independent living

The PRBP can assist young people with their applications for private rental tenancies (including subletting share-house options), understanding their rights and responsibilities in regards to private rental tenancies, budgeting and brokerage toward rent in advance or whitegoods to establish a tenancy.

The PRBP brochure is below. If you’d like any more information or would like to refer a client please contact FAN on 9890 2673.


PRB-Brochure-V2-2017.pdf PRB-Brochure-V2-2017.pdf (502kB)