Infant Safe Sleeping

The safety and wellbeing of children is a shared responsibility. Homelessness services are often in contact with the most vulnerable children and families in our community, and can help enhance their safety and wellbeing.   

The Commission for Children and Young People has recommended that homelessness services promote safe sleeping arrangements for infants, and the use of infant safe sleeping resources. This follows a recent child death inquiry and the tragic death of an infant. The purpose of child death inquiries is to promote continuous improvement in child protection and the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. 

The department is promoting the use of the following safe sleeping resources and information. Please share this advice with staff providing homelessness support to families and infants. 

Safe sleeping resources 

The Victorian Department of Education and Training has a range of accessible resources that are available on the Maternal and Child Health Services section of their website  . This includes tips for parents of babies and infants that can be readily used by the homelessness workforce when working  with parents. There are also other parenting tip sheets to support the healthy development of infants. 

Safe sleeping checklist - for workers to use with parents 

Safe sleeping guide  to be provided to parents 

Information in other languages – the Red Nose website has more information and copies of the brochure in other languages