Couch Surfing Limbo: Young people falling between the gaps

The Couch Surfing Limbo report looks into the experiences of young people who are couch surfing, and the experiences of couch providers, identifying legal, policy and service gaps, and ways forward. It highlights several challenges and makes several recommendations.

Couch Surfing Limbo report

This is an edited excerpt of Shorna Moore’s speech at the Couch Surfing Limbo report launch.

Today, I will speak about three key findings, a handful of the recommendations exploring the following areas:

  1. Firstly, young couch surfers have fallen through the gaps in the homelessness, child protection and family violence systems.
  2. Secondly, youth couch surfing is not recognised under the law and there is a lack of legal and policy protections for these children and young people.
  3. Finally, ‘couch providers’ are also falling through the gaps.

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