Transferring public housing to build more homes

31 Jan 2017

New AHURI research explores the benefits of long term leases for not-for-profit housing providers

A new AHURI report finds that transferring the management of public housing from state and territory governments to not-for-profit community housing providers (CHPs) could help to revive run-down estates and fund the development of additional affordable housing.

The report, ‘Recent housing transfer experience in Australia: implications for affordable housing industry development’  found that transfers of long term management contracts to CHPs creates similar credit borrowing capabilities for those providers as transferring the properties with freehold title.

Based on recent public housing transfer programs in South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland, the report found that that boosting the resources available to upgrade and expand social housing was the most important motivating factor for the state governments concerned. In South Australia and Tasmania, the revenue boost achieved through accessing Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) was used to address maintenance backlogs and improve tenant services. In Queensland, the extra income was to underpin large-scale investment in estate renewal and additional affordable housing; however, due to a change of State Government, the planned transfer did not proceed.

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