CHIA Training schedule for 2020 - now online

CHIA Training schedule for 2020 - now online

CHIA Vic is committed to improving the capacity of the community housing sector in Victoria by providing regular training and professional development courses on topics as diverse as defusing aggression and dealing with difficult calls through to understanding the Residential Tenancies Act.

We also create bespoke training courses to meet identified industry needs or the needs of individual workplaces. If you would like to request a new training program, contact Holly Mullaney on 9654 6077.

Online courses now available.

Courses can include

  • Residential Tenancy Act for new workers 
  • Regulation of community housing in Victoria 
  • Understanding of the big housing picture  
  • Working with clients in community housing 
  • Handle with care tm - Staff safety and defusing situations where individuals may be aggressive
  • Introduction to the community housing industry
  • Mental health training for managers
  • Financial training for non-finance people
  • Rent setting in community housing
  • Understanding professional responsibilities of housing and tenancy workers
  • Overcoming procrastination and perfectionism to enhance worker’s wellbeing and effectiveness
  • Workplace civility and politeness, worker wellbeing and good service provision 
  • Introduction to the Residential Tenancy Act
  • Building resilience in the face of change
  • Time management, worker effectiveness and worker well-being 
  • Difficult conversations-how to talk to almost anyone about almost anything 
  • Management in rooming houses
  • Case notes and record keeping
  • Managing difficult calls
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme and housing in Victoria
  • Dealing with contractors
  • Preparing for VCAT
  • Human rights training
  • Managing vicarious trauma 

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