We provide services to people seeking support for their mental health

Mind works with people 16 - 64 years of age whose ability to manage their daily activities and to live in the community is impacted by mental health issues. 

People who use our services come from many cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

When you are a client of Mind, we will work with you to set goals, and develop the knowledge and skills to achieve them. We will focus on your strengths, values and support preferences rather than your illness.

We support you to define your strengths and improve your: 

  • daily living skills
  • capacity for mental health self-care and self management
  • physical health
  • social and relationship skills
  • housing, education and employment.

We also aim to strengthen and empower families, friends and carers of people with mental illness, and we have specific services for them.

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See below the full suite of  offerings for all the activities that are going to be offered by Mind Nunawading office in Autumn and early winter.


mind_services_brochure_web.pdf mind_services_brochure_web.pdf (803kB)